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411-A East Congress Parkway
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Welcome to Delight in Living!


Delight in Living offers the best in Clinical Counseling and Mediation Services and is dedicated to helping people use their life experiences as springboards to success. Our easily accessible location helps make visits convenient and easy. We offer a personal interest in you. Linda Gullo, is the shoulder that can help you bear responsibility and provide strength when you need it the most. 

Our Counseling Service offers a superb standard of care that is problem sensitive. Specialties include help with transitional issues as loss of jobs, health, and loved ones; parenting support, marriage enhancement, mid-life issues, anxiety, and anger management. Linda uses cognitive-behavioral treatment, choice therapy, and many educational tools to help engage people in healing and introspection. “We are all blessed with a variety of learned skills that we need to tap into as challenges arise; sometimes we need a reflection and/or clarification from a professional to find these tools.”

Mediation services at Delight in Living are available to assist in situat
ions where things might be better solved by employing a neutral party. Disagreements can be identified, defined, and discussed to help reach a mutual agreement. This can help to preserve relationships and to save financially.

A thought for today - "Life picks on everyone; don't take it personally."

Rule your emotions; don't allow them to rule you!

Linda Gullo, MRE, MA
Certified in Mediation
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
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