Marriage Counseling and Ongoing Groups and
Are you having communication problems with those you love? Are you talking less? Are there in-law problems?  Perhaps you are a parent who needs some help with your teenagers.  Or teenagers, do you need someone to talk to?  Enjoy the experience of learning to live your life to the fullest.  Your first visit is 60 - 75 minutes, just long enough to tell your story and get acquainted.  Follow up visits are 50 minutes and help one to clarify their thoughts.  Once you are registered with us, educational articles and information relevant to you personally, will be given to you.  Groups are also available and shift with the seasons.  Currently meeting at 10 am or 7 pm on Friday's.  Please feel comfortable to call for information or to call for registration. 

Anxiety & Depression
If life seems overwhelming, find the missing pieces here at Delight in Living.  Our philosophy is to be of service to our clients.  When you are anxious or depressed, life seems so much more difficult.  We will lend a confidential ear and tools to cope with your anxiety or depression.  Even though your anxiety and depression may be being treated by medication, studies have shown that behavioral cognitive counseling can be a tremendous help.  Call Delight in Living now 815/459-5161.

Traumatic Brain Injury Support - referred to as a TBI   
If you or a loved one has had a stroke, brain injury, or suffered from memory problems, we can be of help.  Traumatic brain injury support can be a big help not only to the patient, but to loved ones who have to provide care. 

Developing Self-Esteem

Developing self-esteem is an ongoing process.  Every step of our lives creates new challenges.  We are here to provide guidance and direction for you.  Delight in Living is here to help. 

Grief Issues - Death of a loved one

Are you coping with the death of a loved one?  Have you just gone through a divorce and need someone to talk to?  Has your pregnancy ended poorly and life is presented challenges to you?  Has beloved pet died recently?  Perhaps you've lost a job.  Well, we are here for you.  Your health and well-being are important to us. We'll help you find meaning and direction that can make a difference. 

What is Psychotherapy?

Delight in Living, Ltd In Crystal Lake

Services Available

Psychotherapy is a well kept secret!  For ages it has been a luxury for the rich and famous, yet everyone deserves a person available to support them with day-to-day concerns and to clarify thoughts.  Isn't it time to give yourself, or someone you love, the gift of counseling care?

   Psychotherapy helps one to prioritize money, time, and energy.

   Renews the spirit within each person.

   Great preventative medicine and terrific for healing.

   Learn about oneself.

   Best value for your money.

   You have someone to walk with you so you feel less alone.

Psychotherapy Services